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Sunday 13 May, 3pm
£10 / £8
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Created by Greg Sinclair, a co-production with Perth Theatre

Sunday 13 May, 3.00pm – £10/£8

Animals is a show about… animals. Big ones, little ones, wild ones, tame ones. It’s also a show about us, and our emotions. Big ones, little ones, wild
ones, tame ones.

From the joy of delivering a new lamb with your own hands, to the pain of losing your pet dog, and the confusion of discovering your favourite cow is in love with a tractor! Animals explores how animals help us figure stuff out.

Using real and imagined stories collected from 6 year-olds, join us as we interweave live music, dance and film into a celebration of our unique relationship with animals.

A show for ages 6+


Animals will be accompanied by a whole host of interactive games and events to teach children about animals and our relationship to them, so they can learn and have some fun at the same time. Taking place before Sunday’s show, and after Monday’s show, they include hands-on fun with shells and fossils, getting up close-and-personal with some tadpoles, and getting in to the mindset of our closest animal relatives with some monkeying around!

For more information about start times and to book your place, contact the box office on 01334 475000.


ABC lab

ABC lab studies how children think and learn. At the Animal show event we will present a selection of games that both children and non-human-primates have played in studies to reveal ways in which our thinking is similar to other primates, and ways in which it is different. Children find out how primates approach the same activities and have a try!


Animal Minds – “What Kind of Mind?”

Do animals think? Is your cat cleverer than your baby brother? How do monkeys see the world?  What is thinking, anyway?  Scientists and philosophers are trying to solve these and other puzzles about animal minds.  This is your chance to join the conversation and try some experiments yourself!


Toad tanks – Spawning the next generation

Hundreds of children in schools across Scotland have been getting hands-on scientific experience thanks to an innovative project from the School of Psychology & Neuroscience. Mrs Isobel Maynard and Professor Keith Sillar have been providing schools with frog tadpoles so the children can observe their development into adult frogs. Indigenous frog species in the UK are protected, so fewer children are having the experience of growing spawn at home. Isobel (Project Officer) and Keith (the current Head of School) are keen to expand the project and help “spawn” the next generation of scientists.

Keith uses frog embryos and larvae in his research on neural systems and development. He says: “Observing the development of tadpoles into frogs at school allows the children to witness the changes that accompany metamorphosis day by day. We have been very impressed by the level of interest and the quality of project work the children have produced – it has certainly sparked their enthusiasm for science.”

Caption: Roxy (6) and Hugo (3) taking a keen interest in the frog


We have little craft exercises where children can colour pictures of tadpoles, make masks and make their own metamorphosing tadpole/frog out of card.


MUSA – ‘Amusing animals’

Join MUSA staff for some hands-on fun exploring shells, bones, fossils and insects from the University’s Natural History collection. Then get creative and construct your own crazy creature with our craft supplies.