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Byre World: A L Kennedy

Wednesday 20 June, 6:30pm
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The School of Modern Languages, in collaboration with The Byre Theatre, offers an exciting programme of events related to the literature, film and cultures of the world. Our Byre World programme showcases some of the research being carried out by the School of Modern Languages and brings together artists, filmmakers, writers and academics. All events are open to university staff and students and the general public.


Award winning author, broadcaster and stand-up comedian A L Kennedy will give a public Masterclass on the craft of short story writing followed by a talk, “Principles of Prose”.

A L Kennedy will work live with the authors of four unpublished short stories, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the particular stories, helping the authors, and showing us how the genre works. The short stories will be selected from a longlist of ten submitted to her via St Andrews University’s Institute for Contemporary and Comparative Literature and will be available online in advance of the masterclass as well as on screen during the event itself.


Access the stories A L Kennedy will be discussing here


Running time: 2 hours