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Byre World: Monika Szydlowska

Wednesday 14 February, 5pm
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Please note: The discussion has been moved forward and will begin at 5pm



Monika Szydlowska is an author of a popular webcomic Na Emigracji that illustrates the experiences of Polish immigrants in the UK. The blog had been maintained since October 2013 and read by more than 10,000 fans. By using a style reminiscent of comic illustration it relates the trials and tribulations of immigrants who have decided to move to the British Isles. They are frequently comical – either through laying bare prevailing  stereotypes (on both sides) or through making wry observations of cultural differences. Dr Emily Finer (Dept of Russian, University of St Andrews) joins Monika Szydlowska for a discussion of her work that has been recently published as a book Do You Miss Your Country? (2016).