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Byre World: Pelagos by Mirco Bondi

Wednesday 13 March, 5pm
Free (Ticketed)
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The School of Modern Languages, in collaboration with The Byre Theatre, offers an exciting programme of events related to the literature, film and cultures of the world. Our Byre World programme showcases some of the research being carried out by the School of Modern Languages and brings together artists, filmmakers, writers and academics. All events are open to university staff and students and the general public.


Pelagos by Mirco Bondi

Italian composer Mirco Bondi’s Pelagos is a performance of words, music and images that narrates a history of migration from the early 20th century to today from the Italian perspective. From being a land of emigration, Italy has recently become a destination for thousands of migrants, a role reversal which is widely overlooked today. So too are the widespread prejudices and consequent acts of violence that Italian emigrants were often subjected to in their destination countries. The mistrust between locals and newcomers that triggered those tensions is the same that prevails today towards the recent waves of migrants and refugees reaching Italy. By drawing a parallel between these two histories, Pelagos shows how we can discover a new sense of community.