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Byre World: Vogliamo Anche Le Rose

Wednesday 27 February, 6pm
Free (Ticketed)
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The School of Modern Languages, in collaboration with The Byre Theatre, offers an exciting programme of events related to the literature, film and cultures of the world. Our Byre World programme showcases some of the research being carried out by the School of Modern Languages and brings together artists, filmmakers, writers and academics. All events are open to university staff and students and the general public.


Celebrating International Women’s Day: Vogliamo anche le rose (dir. Alina Marazzi, 2007)

Vogliamo anche le rose is a tribute to the tenacity of women of the 60s and 70s sexual revolution and feminist movement in Italy. Alina Marazzi’s documentary celebrates women who fought for a world where both essentials, bread and the poetry of roses, could be secured. Archival footage and other visual materials intertwine with life stories three Italian women: Anita, who is struggling with an oppressive father and the strict rules of her Catholic faith; Teresa, who must resort to a heart-breaking illicit abortion; and Valentina, a militant feminist caught between love and her commitment to the movement.

The screening will be introduced by a member of the Italian Department and will be followed by a discussion.