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Film Club: Sully (12)

Thursday 25 January, 10:30am
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When the engines of Chelsey (Sulley) Sullenberger’s Airbus A320 fail after a series bird strikes, Sulley takes the decision to crash land the aircraft into the Hudon River. Saving 155 lives, Sulley is hailed a hero, but preliminary data  from Aircraft Communications suggests the planes enginges were running at idle power. Fearing this revelation may end his career, Sulley has to fight to prove that he made the right decision. Clint Eastwood directs this powerful depiction of one of America’s most recent aviation heroes. Stars Tom Hanks.


Director: Clint Eastwood

Year: 2012

Duration 1h 26

Rating: 12


The screening starts at 10.30am. Don’t forget to enjoy your complimentary tea, coffee and cream scone served from 10am.