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‘Obscure’ by Soudade Kaadan (12+)

Friday 15 June, 6pm
Free (Ticketed)
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A film by Soudade Kaadan

Produced by KAF Production


“A solemn and heartbreaking film about a Syrian boy’s road back to childhood.”
    – Lauren Wissot, Filmmaker Magazine


“A quiet, heartbreaking portrait of the six-year-old Syrian boy Ahmad, who does not know where he comes from. The film shows the mental destruction that is left when the war’s physical danger has passed. ”

Ahmad is a Syrian child who doesn’t want to remember that he is Syrian. Half traumatized, half trying to escape his reality, he prefers to be silent and asleep. In his silence and refusal to talk, he takes us in a journey where individual and collective Syrian memories collapse.


This screening is organised by Dr Maryam Ghorbankarimi (School of Modern Languages) as part of the Refugee Festival Scotland’s Open Programme (15-24 June).

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with the Middle Eastern Film expert and scholar Dr Stefanie Van De Peer.