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Tetra-Decathlon (12+)

Saturday 22 September, 7:30pm
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Saturday 22nd September, 7:30pm – £12

‘**** – An impressively sweaty 60 minutes… asks some piercing questions about failure and success.’ – Independent.

When we want a change, most of us will give the house a little tidy. Maybe buy a new sofa. Or get a different hair-cut. But not Lauren Hendry. When she wanted a change, she signed up for a Tetra-Decathlon.

That’s right, having never set foot on a running track in her life, Hendry took part in this gruelling 14-event, track and field competition. And she didn’t even come last! Tetra-Decathlon charts her journey from couch to competition, asking important questions about the psychology of sport, and what drives us to compete.

BSL Interpretation by Ian Hodgetts