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Tinkering with Curves

Tuesday 17th April, 10am - 1pm
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Basketry, Geometry, Anthropology


Open invitation to take part in Tinkering with Curves at the Byre Theatre, University of St Andrews, 17th April 2018, 10am-1pm. – Explores the connection between craftwork, gesture and the intuition of mathematics, examining geometrical ideas through basketwork, and basketwork through geometrical ideas


Work with Anthropologist Stephanie Bunn, Mathematicians Professor Ricardo Nemirovsky and Tam Dibley, and basket-makers Mary Crabb, Geraldine Jones and Hilary Burns to explore the relationship between basketry and maths.


Beginning with basic basketry ‘exercises’, we will be ‘tinkering with curves’, giving people the skills and the practice needed to explore the relationships between curves and circles that would otherwise not occur to us. The aim is to develop the skills that enable us to play with the relationship between maths and basketry, so that our mathematical learning becomes an aspect of the means of practical handwork, in the context of which we can examine curves, some of which seem to be resisted or adopted by the materials


Supported by the Knowing from the Inside Project, University of Aberdeen, and University of St Andrews Impact Fund.